New Turbines

Many hydropower plants in Slovakia and abroad run with STM POWER products to the full satisfaction of their operators.

We offer:

  • manufactured turbines: max. dimensions of runner: Kaplan – 5 m; Francis – 3 m;
  • heads from 1,5 m to 120 m
  • output to 8 MW
  • horizontal or vertical arrangement

We prepare complete project and detail design documentation of turbine – from layout, technical calculations and analyses up to drawings.


Kaplan turbines are manufactured according to our own design documentation or according to customer documentation. Runner diameter of our production is in the range of 400 – 3000 mm. Generally, these are turbines for gradients 2 ÷ 20m with outputs of 0.5 ÷ 6 MW.

The Kaplan turbines can be with two-stage or single-stage regulation:

• Kaplan – regulation of distribution and circulating buckets
• Semi-Kaplan – only impeller control
• Propeller – switchgear control only

We produce turbines in horizontal, vertical or S-arrangement. For the production of individual turbine parts we use modern machinery of our production halls – CNC machining centers and welding workplace equipped with welding automat.


Francis turbines are the most common type of turbines since they are flexible and can be used in the most varied settings. We offer production according to our own design documentation or customer documentation, when the maximum diameter of runner is 3 000 mm.