Hydro-mechanical Equipment

Our products are the result of long-standing experience as well as quality standards that meet the expectations of our customers. STM POWER is a universal manufacturer of mechanical-technological devices for SHPP and HPP, such as:

Trash rack cleaning machine (arm, cable, telescopical)
Trash racks and scumboard
Panel closures, weir flaps and temporaries damming structures
Stoplogs: inlet and outlet
Systems for oil capturing and separation

Trash rack cleaning machines – arm, cable, telescopical

Trash rack cleaning machines are used to remove alluvial dirt and objects trapped on the trash rack to ensure free water flow to the turbine.

Trash racks and scumboard

They are used to trap objects and floating debris on the turbine inlet. Coarse rakes installed mostly in the sampling object capture larger floating debris and fine rakes on the inlet object in front of the turbine capture finer debris and also prevent fish from entering the turbine.


We produce barrier structures / shutters in front of and behind the turbine, segments of flap hinges (mostly welded structures), barrier panels for provisional barrier, as well as various other barrier structures according to customer requirements.