We use manual but also automatic welding aggregates for joining materials. The methods we weld according to customer requirements are TIG, MIG and MAG welding. We are able to weld various shapes of materials up to 20 tons, in rare cases up to 180 tons. We use conventional methods MIG, MAG and TIG welding. Our team of highly skilled EU certified welders is able to combine different shapes of material weighing up to 20 tons. We ensure high quality by carefully insulating each welding workstation – which reduces the risk of contamination and allows us to work with different materials in each welding workstation. As a certified KUKA Roboter partner, we guarantee cutting-edge robotic spot welding services using the latest robotic equipment.

Robotic welding unit
• Number of axes: 6
• Capacity of working space: 8,4 m3

Other possibilities
• Robotic welding
• Submerged arc welding
• Flame welding